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Come rest your wings here.

Under the contrail of traveling sky Kozaki-machi

Narita Airport

Chiba / Kozaki-machi

Departing planes afar, they say time flows slower in this quaint old town by the river, nurturing rich culture/latest trend “fermentation” that you can experience and taste!


"Tsubaki (Japanese Camellia) House" is a traditional Japanese farm house nestled in serene country field. Just 1hr away from Tokyo, revel your mind in nature’s bliss, listening to birds and insects in distance.


Miso, sake, soy sauce! “Kozaki” a unique fermentation-themed city attracts attention from all over the world. Fermentation is a nutrition-enzyme-"Umami" booster, the essence of Japanese cuisine which makes it so mouth watering good.


Agricultural programs, making fermented food/cooking and tasting Japanese gourmet, spirit-cleansing fire ceremony, and other unique events and cultural experiences!

Hokuso-Satoyama Culture Promotion Council “Farm Stay” Project

You can enjoy “Farm Stay” at traditional farm house or farmer's and get educated on rural farming life in Japan, mingle with the locals, experience hands-on agriculture or fishery. Kozaki-city is located just 15min ride from Narita Airport, riverside granary area renowned for traditional “fermented food” like Sake, Miso, and Soy-Sauce since Edo period. 2 historical sake brewery of over 300 years old in the city lead “Sake Brewery Festival’ every March, attracts appx. 55,000 people from capital area annually.


“Hokuso-Satoyama Culture Promotion Council” was founded to further utilize city’s historical asset and the location. “Tsubaki House” has been playing a main role in accommodating visitors from unban area or foreign countries, arrange Work Shops and Farm Stay.


“Fermentation Village” has been nurtured by the tranquility of surrounding nature, filled with wonder and the beauty of ancient Japanese wisdom. Take a trip back to old Japan at traditional Japanese farmhouse in the country, enjoy every inch of its blessings from the nature. We are kicking off “Farm Stay” project in 2020 to further develop Kozaki-city with its residents and visitors together. May it be an unforgettable experience for you!



Kozaki-machi, at the foot of the departure sky.

The village of Suigo, which was nurtured by watching the sky, keeps rolling gently.

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