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Fermented food

Japan is known for its fermentation culture. Kozaki is a city prospered with its fermentation culture. Now becoming a big health trend, turning nature's resource into "umami" attracts conscious minds all over the world. Come and experience great food culture and tradition nurtured by riverside city's rich nature.

Blessings of nature to "Umami"

Fermentation is a biodegradation and synthesizing process. Microbes called "culture" adds nutrients, "umami", and aroma.

Japanese Sake and condiments like Miso, Mirin, Vinegar are made with "Kouji" culture and transformed into numerous fermented food products.


"Fermentation Village KOZAKI"

What we call "Road Staion" is farmer's market and much more! Fermentation Village KOZAKI" continues the effort to educate the public on amazing health benefits of fermented food, which is becoming a big trend. Sake brewery "Nabe" is becoming a landmark of the town with popular Sake Truffle Chocolate, in addition to varieties of fermented product around the country.


Restaurant Oryzae

Next to Road Station Kozaki stands "Restaurant Oryzae", named after Japanese Kouji culture, "Aspergillus oryzae". Kouji culture fermentation is the vital element for Japanese condiments, and you can enjoy dishes that bring out the best of it here at Oryzae. A popular spot for locals and travelers alike awaits you on your gourmet journey.

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