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"Fermentation Village" is an establishment near Narita International Airport that attracts foreign visitors as well as locals. Furtile nature and Japanese tradition nurtured this peaceful city, it feels as if time slows down and gently cradle your mind. Come rest your wings in rustic nature at an old farm house far from the hustle-bustle of urban life.

Tsubaki(Japanese Camellia) House

Farm-Stay project member, Kuniji Tsubaki renovated the old farm house he owns into an attractive accommodation facility. You'll have an entire house to your party for stay or as a private event hall. VIPs are invited for gatherings, also used as a community hall for locals and travelers to get together. or for seminars.


What's great about Japanese housing

Sip on Barley tea/Green tea. Fold up Japanes flat pillow (for sitting), tuck in under your head to take a nap on Tatami floor. watch Japanese hand-held "quiet" firework, Senko hanabi fade away into the dark of the night. Flame-broiled miso flavored rice balls for late night snack. Get lost in time, let the serenity of surrounding nature sink in to your mind and body. Make the best of your stay by making yourself travel back in good ol' Japan where insects lullaby take you deep into sleep and birds gently wake you to bright morning sun.


Kozaki-city attraction

Around "Tsubaki House", there are attraction spots and historical sites such as Kozaki Shrine, You can take a walk or rental bike to enjoy senery or visit the area. Beautiful senary from season to season and cultural heritages in the passage of time soothes the minds of the beholder.

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