Kozaki-city has various local events on top of annual ceremonies and festivals. Depending on the seasons, offering different farm experience and other fun programs so you can enjoy new discoveries every time you visit.

Bamboo BBQ

Popular event throughout the year is Bamboo BBQ. Fresh off the neighbouring bush, bamboos make the best outdoor cooking tool. Out in rustic Japanese country field, rice perfectly steamed and infused with elegant aroma of bamboo and BBQ smoke surely compliments charbroiled meat and everything else on the grill! You won't be satisfied with a regular BBQ after this!?

Tea Ceremony

Owner of Tsubaki House, Mr. Kuniji Tsubaki is a "Sa-Do"(Tea Ceremony) Master and teacher. You can experience authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony. Through "Sa-Do", you get to experience a glimpse of "Zen" spirit, in the middle of serene Japanese countryside, brings you relaxation and peacefullness. Beginners/travelers from overseas are all welcome.


JANUARY  New Year's Party/"Hatsu-gama" (first tea ceremony of the year)

FEBURUARY  Miso Making

MARCH  Sake Brewery Festial

APRIL  Rice Planting

AUGUEST  "Obon" Festival (Celebration of the return of ancestors' spririts)

SEPTEMBER  Rice Harvesting

NOVEMBER  Ancient Imperial ceremony to celebrate new crops